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VAR - Fans Consultation
April 14, 2022

News /Announcements

VAR - Fans Consultation

All clubs in Scotland are required to vote on a proposal to introduce VAR into the SPFL Premiership from December 2022 and Ayr United are keen to gain the view of supporters prior to the vote on Tuesday 19th April. 

The introduction of VAR to the SPFL Premiership is seen as a key step to ensuring that Scottish football is recognised amongst other similar-sized European leagues, and to ensure that Scottish FA match officials are able to operate at the top level of the game in Euro & World Cup Finals, and the latter stages of European club competition.

The proposed cost structure suggests a sliding scale with the SPFL Premiership winners paying significantly more than the 12th placed team each season.  Whilst we understand that Ayr United are not going to be involved in the initial implementation, we intend to vote on the basis of our aspirations of becoming an established SPFL Premiership club in the future and value input from our supporters before finalising the club’s position.  To provide feedback, we are keen for supporters to answer the following questionnaire which will remain ‘live’ until close of play on Monday 18th April.