Turnstile Statement

The club have been made aware of a few complaints regarding the lack of open turnstiles at Saturday’s game against Greenock Morton.

We want to take this opportunity to explain and make you all aware of the reasons why this was the case.

You may have seen our post on the website and social media, last week, saying that we ‘Urgently Required more Turnstile Operators’.

Several applications were received and most of those applicants were asked to come along and work at Saturday’s game. Unfortunately we were let down on the day by a few people who failed to turn up, after confirming to us that they would be there. This therefore left us short staffed on Saturday.

Due to this, it meant that we were not able to open as many turnstiles as we had planned but we did try our best to make sure that all areas of the ground had at least one turnstile open, however this did in turn lead to long queues at both North Terrace and Somerset Road End. We are also aware that these long queues were also caused by a few issues with some tickets not scanning and we want to assure you all that we are working very closely with our ticketing provider, Total Tickets, to investigate these issues and get them solved before our next game.

We did manage to have three turnstiles open at the Somerset Road End but unfortunately one of our Turnstile Operators took ill during their shift, which lead to the closing of their turnstile. The staff member was assessed by First Aid and then taken home, where they are now recovering.

We can only apologise for any inconvenience that was caused on Saturday and we can assure you all that we are trying our best to recruit more Turnstile Operators, so that we are not left short staffed for our turnstiles in the future.

Thank you for your patience on Saturday and we look forward to seeing you all again at Somerset Park for our next home game on 24th August, when we take on Queen of the South.

Tickets for this game will be available for purchase within the next few days, both online and in the Club Shop.


Ayr United F.C.