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Season Ticket Update
June 01, 2021

News /Announcements

Season Ticket Update 

We are now almost ready to put our Season Tickets for 2021/22 on sale. Over the next couple of days we will release all the information you need to buy a new season ticket, or renew. 

Since the end of the Scottish Premiership we have been inundated with requests to get our Season Tickets on sale. While there are still restrictions in place we are unable to confirm how many fans will be allowed into Somerset this season however we are very confident that on current projections season ticket holders will get in (and hopefully a lot more!).

Chairman David Smith said :"As we release this seasons season tickets it would be remiss of us not to recognise the negative impact the pandemic has had on us all and on football. The recovery will take time and we are truly thankful that we are here to start the recovery, still playing Championship football and excited about our fans being back at Somerset Park again. The gratitude from everyone at Ayr Utd towards our loyal fans shouldn’t be underestimated, particularly the support through what was a difficult and challenging season. Thank you all for the contribution you made however far away you felt or actually were from Somerset, we would have struggled getting through it without you all.

As important as it is to reflect on the recent past we can’t help but look forward to the season ahead. The Championship next season looks very competitive with more than a few fixtures that catch the eye and the imagination. As a fan I can’t wait to share the games with everyone again and not be one of the few in the stadium shouting support. Last season truly was a strange experience and whilst we wait for clarity as to the number of fans allowed in safely, releasing season tickets knowing we will have some fans in feels like a very positive step. We will be working alongside the relevant authorities to try and ensure we get our capacity, logistics and safety measures correct for everyone albeit we see a fluid situation relative to the statistics around the pandemic.

We know how important it is to get it right on the park, but off-field we’ve managed to achieve a lot in the last 12 months. The biggest is undoubtedly the new Somerset Hub, with work underway and looking at an late October/November completion. It’ll feel good to grab a pint in our own place and share Ayr United stories of the past and hopes for the future. See you there…."

Prices for 2021/22 season will be the same as the 2019/20 season. 

Season Tickets

Adult - £260

Concession - £160

Child - £55

Panda Pal - £20 


Gate Prices

Adult - £18

Concession - £12 

Child - £6