Peterhead match pricing.

We are aware that there have been questions regarding our pricing for tomorrow nights rearranged match with Peterhead.

Originally, we wanted to reduce prices significantly assuming that any loss incurred by us would be covered by the spfl. The reason that the prices have not been reduced is that despite the fact the league decided Peterhead had broken the rules they made the choice that the game must be replayed which will come at a financial cost to ourselves.

Our costs for a home game are not covered by our current crowds and the spfl have decided that they will only compensate the loss we will incur at tomorrow nights match if the match is played under the normal pricing structure.

We fully understand the frustration of our fans in that you have paid for a match that is considered null and void however we have been left with no option in this instance. Your support this season in difficult times has been magnificent and if you are able to support the team during this crucial match it would be hugely appreciated.