Mr Ayr United Moves On

andrew downieHe is known as Mr Ayr United and played an influential part in the club for 19 years but Andrew Downie will leave Somerset Park within the next month.

The club’s Lottery Manager will depart the club to take up an exciting opportunity at Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance.

Andrew has been a prominent member of the Ayr United backroom team and is well known for his passion and enthusiasm in organising fantastic events such as the Centenary Dinner and the Hall of Fame. The Lottery guru has lived and breathed Ayr United throughout his career at Somerset Park and we are delighted (and disappointed) that his talents have been recognised by this well-respected charity. We wish him bon voyage as he takes-off to develop his career.

The Directors and Staff at Somerset Park are already planning a great send-off for Andrew to mark his years of dedication to the Club. More information on this will be available soon.

Upon the news of him leaving the club, Andrew Downie said: “This has been the hardest decision of my life. After lengthy consideration I felt it was the right time in my career to accept a new and exciting challenge.

“I’ve been privileged to play a part in the club’s fortunes over the years but I think now is the right time to move on.

“I was thrilled the day I was offered the position of working at the club I supported as a boy and I have loved my time at Ayr United.

“Through fantastic support from members, volunteers, agents, club staff and board members the lottery has grown significantly over the years and I’ll never be able to repay everybody for all their help.

“I’d like to think I’ve always done my best for the club to repay the faith that has always been shown in me.

“Highlights of my time at the club include the Kilmarnock Scottish Cup victories, the day we survived relegation at Partick in 1998 and going on the cup runs in 2002.

“Personally, I have been honoured to help the club in a number of ways such as creating the Hall of Fame as well as organising the club’s Centenary Dinner in 2010. That was an amazing event and something I was proud to play a role in.

“Although I am leaving to take on a new challenge, I hope that my experience, knowledge and contacts will be able to help the club in a number of ways in the future.”

Manager, Mark Roberts said: “He has done an awful lot for Ayr United by bringing in funds to keep the club afloat. He is great about the community and is always coming to me with ideas to benefit the club.

“He has lots of contacts down south and will be missed in every department of our club.

“His main job is Lottery Manager but he does so much more than just look after the lottery. He’s always looking out for the good of the club and I just wish they were more people like him.

“From the day I came to the club I’ve always liked him. When I first came to the club I was full time and I always saw Andrew about the place, looking to promote the club in a positive way.

“I have been out in the community with him quite often, such as hospitals etc. to visit people.

“They are small things but they make a difference. He will be greatly missed and I wish him all the best in the future.”