Live Streaming Update

We are aware that some of you had issues prior to or during Saturday’s live stream with Dunfermline.


We would like to apologise to anyone that had problems and assure all supporters that we are doing everything possible to eradicate them.


During the night on Friday we experienced a server issue which meant that on Saturday morning many season ticket holders had problems trying to log in. This was fixed around an hour before kick off however we are aware that some supporters still experienced an issue.


The server issue also meant that for a period of time supporters who were buying the game on a PPV basis did not receive their code.


We have been testing this on Sunday, all day today and will continue to do so for the rest of the week however we are as close to certain as we can be that the problem is now solved.


There were also complaints around some of the camera work on Saturday, that the action seemed far away. Normally we have three cameras available to us, one following the action and two others on the goalmouths at each end, but on Saturday only the live action camera was available for use. We will have the additional cameras back for this weeks and subsequent games. 

We are also working on improving the support available to fans who are having issues with the live stream as we are aware that on Saturday it wasn’t possible to respond to everyone.

 Please be assured that we are doing everything possible to ensure the smooth running of the live streaming service. We will be working through everyone who has contacted us over the next couple of days so please bear with us while we do so.