Join the AU500 Fund

A group of our die hard supporters have started the AU500FUND which will give all our fans the chance to donate £20 per month towards players wages.

The club have opened a new bank account for the scheme to ensure every penny goes straight into the playing budget.

Committee chair Ron Withers said :”Our fans have been talking about something like this for a long time. Everyone on the committee shares an undying love for Ayr United and has spent a lot of their own time in getting this off the ground.

“We have targets we would love to reach, 500 members paying £20 a month would make an enormous difference to the football club. It will be a totally transparent process that is all about integrity. Everyone who becomes a member will be able to do so with the confidence and certainty that at the end of every month their money is going directly to pay for players wages.

The fund will operate with members setting up a standing order and every month every penny in the fund will be transferred to the account dedicated for the playing budget.

Chairman Lachlan Cameron said “It’s a fantastic idea, it works really well at other clubs and you can see the difference it makes by the players they are signing. I know that it has been talked about for quite some time so it’s great to have it up and running.”

“I am always as transparent as I can be when it comes to the money I put in and what it costs to run Ayr United and this fund will be completely transparent so you know exactly where your money is going and when.”

“”And if we were to reach 500 people paying the £20 a month it would be the difference between surviving in the Championship or going and competing.”

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