Honestmen Picks winners

On Saturday we had our first HonestMen Picks questions and over 400 of you entered for a free shot at £500.

Congratulations to all our winners, the prize pot is being reset and we will have new questions shortly for Saturdays Betfred Cup tie at Livingston.

1st – £250 – csmith1910

2nd – £75 – afwhitefield

2nd – £75 – MonAyr

2nd – £75 – pauline-86

5th – £12.50 – Gr4mmy

5th – £12.50 – tinthehibbie

After winning £75 for a share of second place we caught up with afwhitefield who said :”I was shocked when I saw I was leading at half time and didn’t expect to stay in the top 5 by full time but I was really happy I managed to finish 2nd. Knowing that entering the competition helps out the club meant it was a no-brainer to get involved. I love the fact that it is free to enter but it also offers so much more detail than you can usually get on the Scottish Championship. I was at home when I found out, told my Dad and now he is going to enter this week! I will be using the winnings to buy some Christmas presents and look forward to hopefully winning again!”