Donations keep players

At Saturdays game we were delighted to welcome Gavin Craig, Jamie Garrett and Eileen Murray as guests in our boardroom.

Gavin came up with the idea of creating a footgolf event which took place in horrendous weather conditions in early January. Despite the conditions Gavin’s event still saw over 50 entrants and raised £1020.

The Ayr United River Cottage Travel Club opened a new bank account and invited supporters to make donations of any size to their fund in order for Ian McCall to have some extra money during the January transfer window. In a short space of time and with a huge amount of effort going in to promote the idea, Jamie and Eileen handed over a cheque for £3000. The Travel Club entered our shirt and shorts draw this season as well as supporting all of our club events and we hugely appreciate their support.

As we reported in December our club sponsor Bodog also made a fantastic gesture by giving us a significant donation for Ian McCall’s January dealings.

Thanks to the efforts above we managed to sign Ryan Stevenson and Jamie Adams until the end of the season (and potentially beyond) and extend the loan periods of Jordan Preston and Craig Moore. Everyone at the club would like to thank Gavin, our Travel Club, Bodog and all the supporters who gave some extra time and money to help.