Commemorative Tiles

We are delighted to announce a new venture to Tile the Tunnel at Somerset Park. We are looking to tile the entire tunnel area around the dressing rooms with our new commemorative tiles.

The tiles cost £55 each and you can choose the message that goes on them. There are 4 lines with 16 characters on each line. So whether it might be your own name, a birthday message, a family tile, a good luck message to the team or remembering a loved one, there are many options.

When an order is placed you will need to give all your details and the message you would like to go on the tile. You will then be sent a certificate with the message on it, signed by the manager.

The tiles will take around 6 weeks to be produced and we will let you know as soon as they are on the wall.

To order a tile you can do so through the club shop or by contacting commercial manager Graeme Miller on 01292 263435 (ext 3) or by email