Club Statement – Season Ticket Refunds

Further to our statement released on 28th May about partial refunds for season tickets, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who waived the refund.

In trying times, this has only reinforced a fact we are all too aware of, that Ayr United has an incredible set of supporters. Not only have they been digging deep to help through the Lottery, the AU500 Fund, club events and numerous raffles but only 13 people requested a partial refund and for that we are humbled and grateful.

Everyone has different circumstances and whilst we are happy to help some with the refund, this level of support from our fans has made the difficult job of managing the club through Covid-19 a little easier.

Also, because the waiver is effectively a donation we can adjust the VAT which also has a positive impact on our accounts.

We are all longing to get back to Somerset Park and celebrate some kind of normality with everyone. Hopefully we can start moving towards some dates for fixtures soon and start the exciting work of getting ready for the new season.