Club Shop Update

We would like to thank everyone who has been into our Club Shop over the last couple of days prior to this lockdown.

Our Club Shop must now close as per the Government Guidelines however we want to make sure that we are still there for you during the next 3 weeks.

We are going to be in the Shop on Monday 1-5 and Thursday 1-5 and during that time you can call us if there is anything you would like, pay over the phone, and then come to the car park give us a call and we will give you your order.

Alternatively our online shop is still open. We will be posting out orders on Mondays and Thursdays, or if you choose local pick up you can come to the shop, call us from outside and we will give you your order.

Get in touch if we don’t have your size as we will be receiving all missing sizes at the beginning of December (unfortunately not for the away kit)

The phone number for the shop is 01292 263435 ext 5 and find us online –

Thank you again to all our customers for the support.