Club Statement – Season Ticket Refunds

Further to our statement released on 28th May about partial refunds for season tickets, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who waived the refund.

In trying times, this has only reinforced a fact we are all too aware of, that Ayr United has an incredible set of supporters. Not only have they been digging deep to help through the Lottery, the AU500 Fund, club events and numerous raffles but only 13 people requested a partial refund and for that we are humbled and grateful.

Everyone has different circumstances and whilst we are happy to help some with the refund, this level of support from our fans has made the difficult job of managing the club through Covid-19 a little easier.

Also, because the waiver is effectively a donation we can adjust the VAT which also has a positive impact on our accounts.

We are all longing to get back to Somerset Park and celebrate some kind of normality with everyone. Hopefully we can start moving towards some dates for fixtures soon and start the exciting work of getting ready for the new season.

Club Update

Scottish football has continued to try and navigate around what has become an incredibly difficult set of circumstances for everyone in recent times. Uncertainty and change are inevitable and Ayr United have tried to steer our way through the issues with an empathy to everyone involved but there is no ideal answer to the issues facing us all.  The assistance and goodwill from our fans to help the club has been incredible and we would like to thank everyone for their efforts. It has been very much appreciated and a timely reminder of how committed we all are to the future of this great club.

Whilst we face the biggest challenge in the clubs history, we are intent to do the right thing to our staff, players, fans and wider footballing circle. With this in mind, we are all in this together and are offering to make partial refunds available to all 2019/20 season ticket holders as follows:-


  • ADULT – £260 – PER GAME £13.33 – 4 GAMES £53.32


  • CONCESSION – £160 – PER GAME £8.88 – 4 GAMES £35.55


  • UNDER 18 – £55 – PER GAME £3.05 – 4 GAMES £12.22


  • PANDA PALS – £20 – PER GAME £1.11 – 4 GAMES £4.44


Refunds should be applied for by Friday the 5th June 2020 by emailing with BACS  and season ticket details. With a vastly reduced staff please bear with us as we process any claims.


Ayr United are no different to every other club and cash flow is a major concern going forward. The total amount of refund following the above would be in the region of  £30000  so anyone not taking it up would greatly assist the club in the coming weeks and months.


We hope that we have some positive news soon about getting back to Somerset Park but in the meantime please everyone stay safe and can’t wait to see you all soon.

John ‘Spud’ Murphy

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of an Ayr United legend, John ‘Spud’ Murphy.

His 459 appearances for the Honest Men between 1963 and 1978 is a club record.

Our thoughts are with John’s family and friends.

Chairman’s Message

The season is over, but the drama has only begun. Although the next few weeks/months will be filled with some uncertainty and confusion for supporters of all clubs, I can assure you that we at Ayr United will do our best to represent the club and all of Scottish Football to the best of our abilities.


The league ending vote was a very stressful event for a lot of clubs and no one wanted to end the season this way. However, it is/was obviously unreasonable to expect the season to be finished with the 36 games played as there is no way we would have been able to complete before running into contract problems etc.


The best and fairest solution then, would have been to make the season null and void and we would all restart from the beginning whenever we were allowed. It was made clear to the clubs though that this was not possible as it would create potential issues with sponsors and affiliates.


The unseemly result was the decision to declare the season complete with the teams at the top gaining promotion and the teams at the bottom of the Premiership, Championship and league one suffering relegation. It was obviously not ideal and has many flaws, however, it was the best that could be expected given the scenario which is why we grudgingly voted yes. The idea of dragging this out further and withholding money from all of the clubs was unacceptable and surely would have led to some clubs collapsing.


None of this should take away from the accomplishment by Ayr United of finishing in fourth position for the second year in a row. Congratulations are in order for Mark Kerr and his staff, players, all employees, the Academy and of course, our supporters. I’m very pleased for all of us who have a vested interest in the exploits of Ayr United FC and I’m looking forward to shaking off the Coronavirus haze hanging over all of us and seeing what we can achieve next season.


Speaking of next season, I along with multiple representatives of football in Scotland have been appointed to the league reconstruction task force committee. I am pleased to have been selected and I look forward to helping where I can. Historically, I have been fairly vocal in my beliefs on what the league structure should be and although I don’t expect that to change, I will be going into this with a long term view on how the leagues should be reconstructed and not just what kind band aid we could use to cover this seasons wounds.


I don’t yet know what the specific objectives are of the task force and I’m not clear on what time frame we are working on yet. Even though I think I know how this will work, I am not fully aware of what the exact procedures/voting structure would be involved with any reconstruction. I look forward to finding out on Monday. I won’t be saying much more on this until after the reconstruction group finishes its objective as it wouldn’t be appropriate.


Finally, I want to thank all of you who have helped out the club financially and otherwise during these difficult times through the AU 500 fund, buying tickets to the Player of the Year event, pre ordering the strips etc. and of course the Lottery as well as those who have helped in other ways.


This Virus has affected us all in some way or another and in doing so has effected the way we go about our lives. I consider myself very lucky in that I have all of my family at home, and I get to go to work every day (my company is considered an essential business) and I don’t have any underlying health conditions that make this disease so dangerous. Others are not so lucky and I really feel for all the elderly people out there, the people with underlying health conditions and the people with young children who are probably bored out of their minds at home etc. with no real end in sight. I especially feel for those who have contracted the virus and are going through the various stages. I have known a few who have had it and currently have it and there are some in our own Ayr United community going through it just now and I wish them a speedy and safe recovery and I hope they know that many people are thinking about them or praying for them or otherwise just supporting them in some way.


Football may not be important in many people’s eyes when compared to the Coronavirus, but I would say that football is what gets some of us through each day, week, month and year. Playing it, watching it, coaching it, arguing about it, reminiscing about it and having it as part of our DNA. When Ayr United start training and playing football again it will be one of the first steps in getting us all back to normality and that will be a great thing. We hope to see you all soon when that happens. Until then, stay safe and help others when you can.


Lachlan Cameron

AU500 Fund Update

We are delighted to announce that on 30th March, the AU500 donated £10,000 to the Player Fund.

This is a massive achievement during the current circumstances.

This now takes our total donated this season to an amazing £35,700. We are extremely grateful to all members and fans who have made this possible.

We started this appeal on 14th March as soon as the guidelines stated that all games were cancelled until further notice. We are overwhelmed with the response from fans to help our Club.

We have received an additional 20 new members that are paying to us each month.

In one-off donations to date yesterday, our appeal has received a staggering £3333!

Many thanks to everyone.

Anyone who wishes to join or pay a one-off donation, please contact us via:

Facebook Messenger


Email –

For more information, please see our website

Lottery Update

Everyone at the Lottery would like to say a massive thank you to all our members and agents.

This is week 4 for us in lockdown and we have still managed to do our draw this week for all our members.

The support from members and agents has been amazing.

Thank you all again for your support during this very difficult time for everyone.

Should you normally have an agent calling to collect your money, who cannot at this time, we are able to accept payments via your on-line banking if you have it.

Please contact us via:

Facebook Messenger


Email us at


Call us on our temporary mobile number 07599 483366 and we can let you know how to continue to pay your lottery via your bank.

Thanks again everyone for your support!

Fundraising Update & ways to help

Only a week ago we announced the details for our fundraising Player of the Year (non) event and two days ago we released our new Hummel kit for the 2020/21 season. Below we will have details of how these are coming along as well as all the ways that you can help Ayr United Football Club during these unprecedented times.


Please find details of this event here 

So far 161 of you have bought a ticket for this, some of you more than one. Words won’t explain how much we appreciate the help from every single one of you. Hopefully we will see plenty of you soon at our games with the Special Edition T Shirt and if you haven’t got yours yet just click here



We released our new kit on Wednesday and asked our supporters to pre order as another way of getting much needed funds into the club. Over 50 of you have done so and again it is difficult to explain how much we appreciate you doing so. The strips will be sent out as soon as the restrictions are lifted and we are able to do so. If you would like to buy next seasons kit you can do so here



The AU500 team have been doing a great job getting one off donations and also new monthly members. Since the threat of Covid19 arrived donations have amounted to £1660 and to go along with that 17 new supporters have joined and will pay into the fund on a monthly basis. Again we hugely appreciate not just those who are donating to the fund but the effort that goes in behind the scenes to make this happen.

To find out more about the AU500FUND or to donate directly through their page click here



The clubs lottery provide financial support throughout the year and have supported numerous projects. Their support is vital and membership is as little is £1 per week which can be set up as a Standing Order. Please email for more information or visit their Facebook page @AyrUnitedLotto

The lottery team are still working remotely so they would be delighted to hear from you.

Our final message would be another thank you. Thank you to everyone who has backed us through these incredibly difficult times. It is incredibly tough having no income however during this outbreak many others are much worse off. We are heartened by our supporters and most importantly we want you all to stay safe and join us back at Somerset Park, whenever that may be!

Important Lottery Update

Attention to anyone who pays their lottery money to an agent.

With the country now being in lockdown, lottery agents are no longer able to collect your money. Therefore, we have other options available for you to pay and support us.

If you have the facility of on-line banking, you can pay your lottery payment directly in to our bank account or you can choose to set-up a standing order.

If you wish to pay in one of the above ways, then please contact us by

Messenger on our Facebook page


Email us at


Call us on 07599 483366

We can then issue with the information you need to continue your payments.

Thank you to everyone for your support and please stay safe.

Ayr United replica kit 2020/21

We are delighted to release our new Hummel Home Top for the 2020/21 season.

The kits are available to order here now however due to the government guidelines last night we are not able to get them to you just yet.

With the current Covid19 guidelines our financial situation at the club is critical as with no games for the foreseeable future we are left without income. Again we ask for the help of our supporters. Buying our new kit on pre order would be a huge help to the club and give us a much needed income stream.

As soon as the Covid19 guidelines are released we will get the kits to you within days. And to help with that we are offering to post them FREE within the UK. When purchasing the kit select collect in store and leave your address in the box provided however we won’t complain if you would still like to pay for your postage. If you are in Europe or Rest of the World postage is still as stated.

Our new range of Hummel Leisurewear will be available in the club shop and online soon.


Hummel partner club in record deal

Ayr United  are delighted to announce that Hummel will be the new kit provider from the start of the 2020/21 season.


We have signed a club record multi-year deal which will include at least one completely Bespoke strip per season made for us by the Hummel design team.


Gary Bright, Head of Teamsport, Hummel UK & Ireland added ;”Hummel are thrilled to become technical kit supplier to Ayr United alongside our retail partner Football 1st. We take great pride and passion in everything we do as a brand, and we look forward to working closely with the club and fans, to offer quality Hummel product that everyone will be proud to be associated with.”


After many years using Adidas we decided the time was right to change and offer our supporters some great value with a World Class brand.


We explored many options and the quality of the Hummel product and their desire to work with Ayr United made the decision for us.


We will again be in partnership with Football 1st for the supply of the Hummel kit and leisurewear, and both parties are delighted to continue this long standing relationship.


Our partnership with Bitcoin SV also continues for next season and we are hugely appreciative of their support. Bitcoin SV is a digital currency that scales to enterprise level and offers very low-fee micro-transactions. In short, Bitcoin SV is Bitcoin.”


The new 2020/21 Ayr United home strip will be released and available for pre order later today.