Jordan moves on

After discussions between himself and manager Ian McCall, goalkeeper Jordan Hart has left Ayr United Football Club.

Jordan leaves with the best wishes of everyone at Ayr United and we would like to thank him for the part he played in the title winning season.

New PA System

Over  the last few weeks we have had a completely new PA system installed around the ground. This has been tested and provides fantastic coverage in all areas, including the North Terracing and inside the Hospitality boxes.

The previous system was installed in the 1970s and I am sure all our fans would agree it needed an upgrade.

The upgrade has been provided by the Ayr United Five Star Lottery. Once all prize money and running costs are deducted every single penny from the lottery goes back into the club and recently that money has been used for essential ground improvements.

How to Join

The Five Star Lottery costs just £1 per week and offers the chance to win the following prizes every week:

£1000 every Friday

£50 Monday-Thursday

£10 3 £10 consolation prizes each Monday-Friday

Membership also offers the chance to save money with a large amount of local businesses offering discounts for lottery members.

Membership is simple and straightforward. Download the application form by clicking here

Alternatively please email: for details of your nearest agent or call on 01292 263435. If you live in South or East Ayrshire we should have a door-door agent nearby.

5 star lottery winners wk 49



WEEK NUMBER 49 05/06/18



£50 B4732 S Findlay Ayr
£10 C2735 M Reilly Ayr
£10 A3835 J Munro Matha Dickies, Ayr
£10 D0125 J Taysum Ayr
£50 C0924 G Sanderson Ayr
£10 H2845 M Johnston Ayr
£10 B3715 C Clark Ayr
£10 A4241 J Berry St Cuthberts GC, Prestwick
£50 L0212 B Drife Bigger
£10 F0741 J McDermett Symington
£10 F2343 L Campbell Crosshill
£10 F1524 L Callaghan Troon
£50 A2411 M Martin Craigie
£10 B2511 K Thomson Girvan
£10 A2912 H Greenwood Ayr
£10 B0711 M Campbell East Kilbride
£10 E0114 G Robertson Ayr
£10 A0725 D Gilmour Ayr
£10 A0744 A Reid Kincaidston



Don’t miss any more chances to win,


To join the Lottery please call the office on 01292 263435 (option 1)


You can go online at or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


Shirt & Shorts Draw 2018/19

Ayr United are holding their annual Shirt/Shorts and Auction night on Friday 13th July. The popular event will be held in the Ally MacLeod Hospitality Suite and begin at 7.00pm.

The event gives businesses, organisations, groups of fans or individuals a unique and relatively inexpensive opportunity to advertise on the back of the Ayr United team shirts and on the shorts for the 2018/19 season for just £150 for one entry or £250 for two entries.

Commercial Manager Graeme Miller said :”As always this is an integral part of our year and this year it is more important than ever. Of course we won the League One title however now we look to push on and to do that we need the support of our community. We are looking to make this the biggest event yet and make the evening a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to come together in the one place, support our football club and meet new people. It goes without saying that we will be proudly displaying the League One trophy on the night so there will be plenty of photo opportunities.”

All entrants can bring a guest along for the event which includes a complimentary buffet and a welcome drink. All entrants will also receive their name/company name featured in every matchday programme and on our website.

The prize list is as follows.

1st Prize – Back of team shirt advertising, Home and away strip.

2nd Prize – Front of team shorts advertising, Home and away strip.

3rd Prize – Match Hospitality for 6

4th Prize – Boardroom guests of directors for 4

5th Prize – Framed Ayr United shirt 2018/19

As always one of the highlights of the evening is the fantastic auction and this year’s will be no different with some outstanding items on offer.

You can download the application form by clicking  here or contact Graeme Miller, our commercial manager, on 01292 263435 ext 3 or email

Season Tickets on sale now

Season tickets for the Ladbrokes Championship 2018/19 are on sale in store and online now.

If you are purchasing in store please remember the actual season tickets are still in publication but are expected within the next two weeks.

If ordering online all Concession, Child and Panda Pals season tickets must be picked up in store as ID must be provided.

The club shop is open normal hours – Monday 1-5, Wednesday 2-5, Thursday 2-7 and Friday 10-4. The shop will now be open this Saturday, 19th May from 10am to 1pm.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for the support.

Season tickets & Gate prices

We are delighted to confirm that season tickets will go on sale on Thursday (evening) 17th May online and in store.

There is an incredible feeling around Somerset Park at the moment and we have been delighted with the response of our fans to winning the League One title.

Now is the time we need your support more than ever. We are going to face an extremely strong Ladbrokes Championship and in order to compete we will be trying to provide our manager with all available funding. The main source of this will come from season tickets and the more we sell the bigger our playing budget.

To ensure we are able to compete we have looked at the prices around the league and concluded that, for the first time in many years, we needed to have a small increase.

Season Ticket prices for 2018/19 are as follows

ADULT – 240


CHILD – 55


Gate Prices for 2018/19 season are as follows

ADULT – 17



Our season tickets have not arrived yet and are still in production however they will arrive shortly and will be posted out on arrival. We will confirm when they arrive.

Manager Ian McCall has also asked that we mention the AU 500 fund as he looks to add to the squad for the new season. The fund has seen extra members join since we lifted the trophy and an upsurge in members would make an enormous difference to this coming season. To find out more visit

Players released

Today Paddy Boyle, Craig Reid, Lyle Avci and David Waite were informed that they will not be offered a new contract with the club.

Manager Ian McCall said :”We wish all these boys all the very best for the future. Especially to Paddy and Craig who were integral in our fantastic season.

Paddy Boyle has spent the last three years at Somerset Park and has won promotion from League One in two of those three seasons. He also captained the club this season until injury cut his season short.

Craig Reid joined the club at the beginning of this season and made over twenty appearances in our title winning season.

Everyone at Ayr United thanks all four players for their efforts while at the club and wishes them luck for the future.

The Trophy.

Ayr United Football Club – League One Champions 2017/18. It has a fantastic sound to it and we are wanting to tell as many people about it this Summer as possible.

We have started taking the trophy to sponsors and advertisers and if you have backed us financially and would like us to bring the trophy to your business then please get in touch.

Or if you would like to discuss our sponsorship and advertising options please contact our commercial manager Graeme Miller or 01292 263435 ext 3 or by email We would be delighted to bring the trophy along to help with publicity.

We would also love to take the trophy to local schools. Already this week we have confirmed we will be visiting Braehead and Newton Primary and Ayr Grammar. Get in touch with Graeme if you would like to have the trophy at your school.

We are opening our club shop this Saturday from 11am to 4pm and the trophy will be on display. Why not come in and purchase our new embroidered home top or some of our new Champions range then get a photo with the trophy.

Message from the Chairman

Well, we did it.  In true Ayr United fashion, we made it difficult for ourselves, but we still did it. 2017/18 Champions! That sounds pretty good.


I just want to take a moment and let you all know how thankful I am to be part of this club and the people who make it up.  As I stood there on Saturday with about five minutes to go, I had a quick reflection on everything I’ve experienced in the last 31 years at Ayr.  The main thing in my mind was how much I wished that my father had been there to witness what was unfolding.  He would have loved it.  Unlike me, outwardly he would have been calm, but just like me, he would have been freaking out internally.


I want to thank so many people who have made all of this possible. Firstly, to the Manager, the back room staff and the players. You’ve given us a season to remember and the entertainment value was high. It started with a win against Them which had the additional bonus of David Sargent’s iconic picture of Geggan celebrating in front of the Railway end.  At that pointI couldn’t have known that picture would finish a distant second to some of the pics from Saturday between 5:00 and closing time.


Other highlights included some decent cup runs including a game live on Sky against Rangers where we gave ourselves some false hope after taking the lead only to succumb to a barrage of goals in the final 30 minutes.  Incidentally, that was also the day that I learned the hard way that “Huns” is a bad word. I won’t be making that mistake again…


124 goals from double digits of players.  Incredible!  Lawrence Shankland who our Chaplain appropriately expressed “God loves everybody and everybody loves Lawrence Shankland” deservedly taking home the Player of the Year award at last night’s PFA dinner. The final whistle on Saturday and we could all see the players grouping together to wait for the final whistle.  I personally found great joy watching Declan McDaid’s emotional roller coaster from panic inducing anticipation to unbridled joy when the final news came from Kirkcaldy.  The next few minutes are a complete haze. The players went crazy, the Manager shot up the tunnel, the supporters stormed the pitch and I just paced back and forth by myself clapping like an idiot not knowing quite what to do or where to go.


Then the wait for the helicopter to arrive.  Neil Doncaster told me when he got there that they decided to risk it and left Cumbernauld after we scored the second goal and headed towards Ayr.  Thank goodness I didn’t know that at the time. I was having a tough enough time trying to avoid all of the people around me following the Raith game intently on their phones. I’m not particularly superstitious, especially by Scottish standards and certainly not by Scottish footballer standards, but I just felt that me not looking at a phone would somehow keep Raith from scoring. Obviously crazy, but hey, it worked.  Sports people are weird.


To Bodog, I just want to say how much we appreciate their support as our main sponsor and the other various pieces that they have done to assist us.  Also, the rest of our sponsors almost all of which come from our local community.


The Academy who in their 11 years of existence have produced a growing pipeline into the First Team and carry out so much work in the community on our behalf.  The directors, the employees and the volunteers.  You are the way forward for Scottish Football and I’m proud to be part of that organization.Davie White continues to do an excellent job as our Head of Youth and we are lucky to have him.  The added bonus for me is I learn a new Scottish word almost every time we go out and the way he speaks about Cumnock is how most people describe Hawaii.


The people who work at the Ayr United Development Society (The Lottery).  Your contributions over the last 20 years or so have been an important piece of the puzzle


The hardworking staff at the club. That’s ground staff, kitchen staff, office staff, security and maintenance etc.  Tracy, Lewis and Graeme who run the club and make sure that all of the fun stuff and the not so fun stuff is all taken care of. A special shout out to Lynne. I get two real perks in my position at the Club.  One is that I get to stand where I want for the games although part of that reason is that I can’t control my mouth at points and that is a requirement in the Director’s box and the other perk is that every time I am at Somerset I get a special chicken and haggis pie hand delivered by Lynne at halftime. To all of you, I hope Saturday in some way makes up for the fact that you are all overworked and underpaid.


To all of the volunteers at every level throughout the club.  We are a club of the community and for the community.  We couldn’t do this without you.


To the Directors.  Thank you for doing all that you do.  Directors traditionally are treated with disdain in football and you guys rarely get the recognition that you deserve. If it wasn’t for the time and effort that you put in volunteering for the benefit of the club, we wouldn’t be here. Lewis, you are one of my favorite people in this world.  We’ve travelled to Scotland games in foreign lands and 99% of the Ayr games I’ve attended, you’ve been there working your socks off making sure everything is squared away and everybody is taken care of. There’s been a few rough patches both internationally and domestically but overall, it’s been a pleasure.


Finally, and most importantly, I want to express my gratitude to the Supporters. Managers, players, directors and staff come and go but the one ever-present element of a Football Club is the support. I genuinely love the fact that we are the size we are.  Supporters of Clubs like ours are the life blood of Scottish football. Genuine congratulations to Celtic for winning yet another title, but I honestly think supporters of teams like Ayr, Montrose and St. Mirren have it better. The dark days are darker but the highs are higher. I wouldn’t swap the feeling I’ve had for the last two days for anything and the fact that it was a long road to get here makes it almost sweeter.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to win trophies every year, but the reality is that it’s not an annual event.  Savor this moment and remember it forever.


I loved seeing all of the pictures and videos people put up on their social media accounts.  Pictures of people like Jamie Garrett etc. with the Trophy and or individual players.  That’s what I mean about a club our size.  There is a real interaction between the players and the support etc. Standing on a bench in a pub laughing and singing with a few hundred folk huddled around and intertwined with the players is something I will never forget. Also, having my name sung at me while at the urinal in the men’s room is one of the strangest experiences I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to try and explain that to my golf buddies in California when I get there


I also genuinely feel bad that there were possibly a few thousand people who weren’t there on Saturday because of our two previous results. It’s not the way I would have chosen to close the season but you have to admit, it was the most Ayr United thing ever. Those of you who were there will cherish that forever and to those who weren’t, I hope we can do this again in the near future.  The season ticket holders, the ardent supporters, the hospitality supporters, the casual supporters and the past and future supporters, we love you all and just remember “We beat them in the Betfred Cup, we’re super Ayr and we’re going up”

Albion match preview & info

Match Preview

Ayr United vs. Albion Rovers

Ladbrokes League 1

Saturday 28th April 2018. Kick-off 3pm


The League 1 season comes to a climax on Saturday, with Albion Rovers making the journey to Somerset Park. The SPFL have a helicopter on standby to deliver the league trophy but consecutive defeats for the Honest Men, at home to Stranraer and away to Alloa last Sunday, mean a win for Raith Rovers over the Wasps at Starks Park will see the chopper – and title – head east.

With matters now out of the hands of Ian McCall’s side, all United can do is win and hope Alloa can take something from Starks Park, where the home side have dropped just four points all season. A draw for Ayr would be good enough if Jim Goodwin’s side became the first side to beat Raith at home in the league this season.

Visitors Albion Rovers are consigned to the relegation play-offs at best and could be automatically relegated on Saturday if Queen’s Park defeat Arbroath at Hampden and Rovers fail to pick up at least a point. Brian Kerr’s side ended a run of seven straight defeats last Saturday, taking all three points at home against East Fife with a Sean Higgins goal in the first minute of the match; a second-half equaliser for the Spiders away to Forfar Athletic ensured that the fight against the drop would go to the last day.


Team News: Ross Docherty, Chris Higgins, Paddy Boyle, Andy Geggan and Craig Reid are out with injuries. Lawrence Shankland is suspended.


Ian says: “There is no question about how down everyone felt after Sundays game. It has been extremely difficult to get the head round the fact we are going into the final weekend a point behind however we are all well aware that we still have a job to do. The players know that the only thing worse than how they felt on Sunday would be if Raith slipped up on Saturday and we didn’t capitalise. Our focus is winning Saturday’s game as Albion have a huge amount to play for so it certainly won’t be easy, all we can do is try and win our game and see where it takes us. We have put far too much into this season to come away with nothing.”


Head to head (at Somerset Park):

Ayr United wins – 33

Draws – 7

Albion Rovers wins – 10


There has only been one draw in the last 37 matches between Ayr United and Albion Rovers, stretching back to August 1961.


Last Meeting: United have won all three meetings between the sides this season. After a 5-1 win at Cliftonhill on the opening day of the league campaign, the subsequent two matches have been much closer affairs, a 3-2 win at Somerset Park at the start of December and a victory by the same margin away from home last month.

Back in December, Craig Moore and Lawrence Shankland twice put Ayr ahead only for Sean Higgins and Alan Trouten to level the scores, but just two minutes after Trouten’s equaliser, Chris Higgins scored what proved to be the winning goal.

United were again pegged back in the Tuesday night fixture between the sides at Cliftonhill last month. Craig Moore – his fifth goal in three games against Rovers – and Jamie Adams put United two-goals ahead with strikes in the 28th and 36th minute but Kane Hester and Trouten again made it 2-2. Great work from Craig McGuffie set up Lawrence Shankland for the winner in the 75th minute after home keeper Daniel Potts failed to hold on to McGuffie’s strike.


Match Officials:

Referee – Barry Cook

Assistant Referee 1 – Sean Carr

Assistant Referee 2 – Ryan Kennedy



Adults – £10

Concessions and U21s – £5


We look forward to welcoming all fans to Somerset Park.  Your support is vital.  However, we all need to be able to enjoy watching games in a safe and considerate environment.  We ask that you support the players and team without resorting to unacceptable behaviour that can lead to the Club and individuals facing charges.

Like all Scottish grounds, Ayr United have a searching policy as a condition of entry. 

Possessing or using any pyro device and anyone detected will be liable to prosecution and a lifetime ban from Somerset Park.


 Copies of our Unacceptable Conduct Policy can be found around the stadium, Match programme and on our website.


Thank you

Enjoy the game